Hello – and welcome to the PHEMCAST site.

This site aims to:

  • Share knowledge and expertise in the field of prehospital medicine with specific reference to the UK working environment
  • Make this content relevant to all professional prehospital practitioners

We will be doing this via a monthly (and maybe more frequent) podcast, with supporting notes and visual materials on the site.

We hope you will help us out – by letting us know how we are doing, suggesting topics you want to hear about and engaging through the blog or social media.

Thank you!

14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Another good one guys. Great material. Would be good to revisit this topic in a later podcast to see if some of the issues mentioned improve & perhaps discuss other special circumstances. Such as patient presents clothed on a scoop from initial rescue.


  2. 2nd year student paramedic here. I regularly listen to your podcasts and read the journals you post. Such a great resource and very interesting to listen to. Thank you!

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  4. Podcast suggestion.
    Can we hear about seizure management please. Particularly prehospital priorities, when to break out the benzos in special patient groups such as elderly, young and Etoh, and Titrate to effect vs full dose of IV diazepam.


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