Podcast: September 2015: The LMA

The LMA Phemcast

Here it is – our very first podcast, and guess what – it is on supraglottic airways!

This first episode reviews the history of the laryngeal mask airway and we discuss the relative benefits and risks of supraglottic airway devices. We’ve interviewed Dr Rob Moss, author of the Faculty of Prehospital Care (FPHC) Consensus Guidelines on pharmacologically assisted laryngeal mask (PALM) insertion. Click here for the link to the guideline.
We also met Professor Jonathan Benger and discuss the role of supraglottic devices in patients in cardiac arrest. Please have a look at the airways 2 trial website here.

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How to cite this podcast:

Nutbeam T, Bosanko C. The LMA. PHEMCAST. 2015 [cite Date Accessed]. Available from: http://www.phemcast.co.uk

8 thoughts on “Podcast: September 2015: The LMA

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  2. Good work! Really enjoyed listening, aimed at a nice level as well, with something to take away for everyone. Looking forward to the next one!


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  4. This was great thanks so much, I will be a regular listener. Nicely presented, content accessible and delivered in a straightforward way. Great work.


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