Episode 17: Broken? Impact on the rescuer


This episode has been compiled over a year – many thanks to our four contributors, who have shared their stories and knowledge. They were interviewed at TraumaCare 2016, TraumaCare 2017 and the BASICS/FPHC Conference 2016.

If you ever need to talk about the impact of stresses and work experiences on you, please find a friend, colleague, GP, work Occupational Health Service, or one of the charities listed below.

Tony’s article describing his experience of providing medical care to those involved in the Shoreham air crash:


Links to some of the resources Matt mentioned:

Mind Blue Light Campaign:



Watch this excerpt from the West Wing:

If you would like to check your own resilience score, you could use this tool recommended by Matt:




More information from Rusty’s interview:


By FireflySixtySeven using Inkscape, from Maslow’s A Theory of Human Motivation.

Want to know more about EMDR?


Rusty recommended The Howl – EMS Wolfpack podcasts for more on this subject:


This is the article written by fire fighter Rob Norman


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