Episode 23: Intraosseus access

IO Access 2

The various devices which Tony discusses are:

This video shows the rapidity of infusion entering the circulation from a humeral IO.

This is the paper mentioned by Tony, which shows the stepwise improvement in mortality amongst combat casualties from military conflict 2003-2012, including the ‘unicorn’ graph:

Fig 2 from Penn-Barwell et al 2015

Anatomy of bones and the humerus related to intraosseus access

Long bone anatomy

Humeral anatomy


The surface anatomy of the shoulder

Surface anatomy of shoulder

The bony anatomy of the shoulder

Bony anatomy of shoulder

Muscular attachments of the shoulder

Muscular anatomy of shoulder

Blood vessels and nerves around the proximal humerus

A demonstration of the landmarking process for humeral intraosseus insertion is available here.

Want to know more about EZ-IO access?

The education resources which Tom mentions are available here.


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