Episode 29: Major Incidents

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Another invitation to the Trauma Care Conference this year inspired us to combine two of the excellent speakers into this podcast considering major incidents. Thanks to both our speakers for sharing their talks from the conference.

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Trauma Care offer more than the annual conference; there are monthly webinars and regional meetings too, click here for more information.



The Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP) website and National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU) website have lots of resources to support your response to a major incident.


The papers which Chris mentions regarding IED injury patterns and management in children are both from the Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps:

Thompson, Crooks, Clasper, Lupu, Stapely, Cloke. The pattern of paediatric blast injury in Afghanistan.

Ramasamy, Hill, Clasper. Improvised Explosive Devices: Pathophysiology, Injury Profiles and Current Medical Management


9 thoughts on “Episode 29: Major Incidents

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  3. Is there any chance you could do a podcast on major trauma generally and focus on a stepwise approach to finding all injuries and treatment for each?


    • Certainly we could. We have previously been asked to do this for single handed practitioners in remote locations – is this the same sort of thing you would be interested in?


  4. Yeah, more of a set tool for finding all injuries and addressing them in a systematic way, as different trusts/ papers say a range of things


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