Cold Injury

This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Emmanuel Cauchy.

George’s adventures!

Grading frostbite

Stages of frostbite. From Cauchy et al, 2016.

The GELOX study

The Hyperbaric oxygen study described by Carron is now in print and available here.


The guidelines mentioned by Chris can be found on the Wilderness Medical Society website.


Cauchy et al. The value of technetium 99 scintigraphy in the prognosis of amputation in severe frostbite injuries of the extremities: A retrospective study of 92 severe frostbite injuries. The Journal of Hand Surgery. 2000; 25(5): 969-978.

Cauchy et al. A Controlled Trial of a Prostacyclin and rt-PA in the Treatment of Severe Frostbite. NEJM. 2011; 364: 189-190.

Cauchy et al. A New Proposal for Management of Severe Frostbite in the Austere Environment. Wilderness & Environmental Medicine. 2016; 27(1): 92-99.

Cauchy et al. Retrospective study of 70 cases of severe frostbite lesions: a proposed new classification scheme. Wilderness & Environmental Medicine. 2001; 12(4): 248-255.

Handford C, Buxton P, Russell K, Imray CEA, McIntosh SE, Freer L, Cochran A, Imray CHE. Frostbite: a practical approach to hospital management. Extreme Physiology & Medicine. 2014; 3, 7.

Magnan et al. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with Iloprost Improves Digit Salvage in Severe Frostbite Compared to Iloprost Alone. Medicina. 2021; 57(11): 1284.

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