Episode 26: Tranexamic Acid

txa 2-2


The paper which we discuss in the interview is available open access here

How does tranexamic acid work?


Taken from: https://pbrainmd.wordpress.com/2015/10/15/1335/

Critical appraisal aids

To understand more about hierachy of evidence and how a systematic review fits into this please have a look at these resources available from the Cochrane group.

Cochrane consumer logo


Cochrane training logo


The CASP checklist can be used for assessing the quality of a meta-analysis.

More TXA research trials

Want to know more about the ongoing Crash 3 trial?


Want to know more about the Halt it trial?

Halt it logo



  • CRASH-2 (available open access here)
  • The WOMAN Trial (available Open access here)
  • The meta-analysis of topical tranexamic acid which Ian mentions is a Cochrane review, available here.

3 thoughts on “Episode 26: Tranexamic Acid

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  2. Would the professor really refuse a blood transfusion & insist on TXA if having surgery. He should be pressed on this! Excellent show, informative, good to know no side effects.


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